WFKF was founded in order to carry on, develop and pass on the system and spirit of Budo Karate Full Contact and other Contact Martial Arts. The aim is to contribute to a better society, which is based on tolerance, love and peace.

WFKF Headquarters
7095 Hollywood Blvd, 777
Los Angeles, CA 90028,USA

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WFKF rejects all ethnic, gender, religious, political, philosophical, nationalistic, age discrimination and prejudice, furthermore upholds and promotes equal rights, friendly international relations and world peace.

Rules of using

WFKF • World FullContact Karate Federation

WFKF LOGO and getting WFKF aegis:
In order to get the permission to use our logo, or to get the WFKF aegis you have to:
To organize an open joint sports event by WFKF.
To make the written request by e-mail at WFKF office, attaching a provision and a poster of your event,
To wait for getting the permission from WFKF office and only then to start sharing the information with WFKF logo or phrase about WFKF support.
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